Monday, 29 October 2012

First snow

 the funfair
a glorious festive flurry
just a tad too early in my book...

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

drum roll

 loud applause please...
I've finished it!!! 
all those circles
 so oddly addicitve
it's yet to be decorated 
but I love it this far!
 nooooooooo... not on your nellie
you three legged birdy thing
get orf!!!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Paper wreath

I've become a little obsessed with the many
 paper wreaths around on Pinterest, total eye candy! 
I thought I'd have a go myself, starting with something small
I bought a base and began punching out a trillion circles
It takes a surprising amount of paper!! 
each one scrunched with a dab of hot glue in the centre 
then a bit more glue to attach them to the base
it's going to be fab and I WILL finish it
I fancy decorating it autumn style
I hope to post a couple of links to tutorials
we have a new compi
things are just not where I left them
funny that...

Monday, 18 June 2012

A stitch with a twist

I went on a course last week 
and I  learnt a few things
 well a lot actually...
so much easier than trying to teach myself from a book!
 The 'Stitchin' day was based around the work of Léa Stansal
 check out the links here and here
(traslation available)
 now I find myself staying up all hours of the night...
watching mindless TV and stitching
like I need this in my schedule right now
kid's summer hols just around the corner...

Friday, 8 June 2012

Stilton and Les Marten

if only she'd read the instructions...
cut one it said
cut one, reverse one
not cut two, reverse two...
therein lies the problem...
 show off!
you, with your name on your head
and your fancy tail...
 come on Dearie, best foot forward
 into the garden we go...

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Other stuff

Contrary to popular belief I have actually been making stuff
I can't say I've been over-productive but nevertheless
a couple of things are on the go
I'm still working on my stitchery and if you don't look too closely
and view it through the Picasa 1960's filter 
it  appears to be coming along nicely! 

  'The Artful Bird' by Abigail Patner Glassenberg
landed on my doorstep today,
 like I need another distraction but it had to be done/ordered!
 The lovely Linda led me astray a while ago by 
sending me a link to Ann Wood
check out the owls
totally fab! 
I want to make stuff like that...
and live in a room with whispy curtains...
really I do...
 one day...

Friday, 13 April 2012

Postcard from Iceland

 We're off to Iceland with Darcy's postcard challenge
Oddly enough it was this time two years ago almost to the day,
that my flight home to NZ was cancelled because of the 
ash cloud from Iceland's Mount Eyjafjallajokull 
covering Europe 
 I took this week's inspiration from the many eerie photos
 of the countryside covered in ash 
 I had ideas about missing puzzle pieces and wotnot
but my characters have gone AWOL this week
they're resting just as I am (reclining with large Easter egg filled stomachs)
I'll attempt to rescue them next week, possibly...
I started with a puzzle card which I
 coloured with Neocolour watercolour crayons,
 I added the water and the colour slid off
 as I hadn't Gessoed or sanded the surface!
then I added a layer of Acrylic which held 
then more Neocolour, for the house I used a white Sharpie.  

Friday, 6 April 2012

Postcard from Singapore

Darcy's postcard challenge takes us to Singapore this week. 
 I visited this fab city many years ago
 and it's still my transit stop whenever I manage to get home to NZ   
There's an amazing walk-in butterfly enclosure at the airport
a must see if you're ever passing through!
 I made my card using a butterfly punch
 and an assortment of Asian scrapbooking papers 
 Here's Gloria's card to Jayne, it reads:
I think I've landed in a winged wonderland
full of fanciful flutterers including
The Dot Dash Sergeant, The Chequered Lancer,
 Jacintha Eggfly and Spotted Judy
They could be characters in a book, superb!
p.s has Bagman found his wallet yet?
I'm getting worried
I struggled a bit this week, I had loads of ideas 
but seemed incapable of doing anything with them.
I blame excessive choccie consumption for my woes!
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

swisspaperplus is born

drum roll.... ta da!!
my new Etsy shop! 
 it's only taken me a couple of years 
but I've finally gone and done it 
 I've set up my shop AND put something on the shelves!
 Swiss German paper ephemera
froms cards and envies to stamps, cabinet cards, labels, ribbons and more
loads of it...
 all ready and waiting for your creativity!
pop over and have a look

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Finding your muse

Linda sent this wonderful link to Alisa Burke's blog  last week, 
a free tutorial on 'finding your muse'  
Alisa writes about discovering what inspires you in your own environment 
and using it in your creativity.  
I struggled a bit with this as a lot of the things that inspire me aren't close by,
 but I figured I could start by looking for the colours I love 
and I found them without too much trouble, 
lots of them in fact, not far down the road, I really must learn to walk with my eyes 'open'! 

I decided to use these colours on my pages
 for this month's challenge over at  'The Kathryn Wheel' 
 I'm more than a little late and March is looking a bit plain,
 but at least I have something on my paper!
 I covered my pages in old text, painted and sloshed,
 something I don't seem to have done for ages.
I also added a layer of Neocolour waterbased crayons
 and a spray of  'stream' Adrionack wash which I promptly wiped off as it was very intense,
 I'd like to say a WIP but it's debateable whether I'll actually add anymore to it or not!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Waiting for Winter

I thought I'd make a Winter Wonderland journal in readiness for the snow, they keep promising it but there's not a flake to be had down here in the lowlands.  I chopped up a fabric napkin for my cover and added a tassely thing to hide the wonky seams, it always starts off looking straight... 
 love love love these colours
stamped vintage numbers ready for action
 I ripped out a couple pages that would have shown me how to write better
 I also cut up the pattern that would have shown me how to knit winter woollies, oh well

 and to finish a Sprüngli chocolate shop ribbon on the spine
 still waiting...

Friday, 13 January 2012

Postcard Challenge

I'm running a little late but have finally made a start on Darcy's fab postcard challenge
the idea is to create two characters who will visit different countries each week for a year (prompted by Darcy) and send each other postcards of their adventures.  I made myself a book to hold my card collection following the YouTube clip from Kerri that appears on Darcy's blog.  I covered the book with an old plastic post bag and Washi Tape around the edges  
 My characters Gloria Able and Jayne Good have been best mates for a lifetime and would normally do everything together however, owing to circumstances beyond their control they've set off on this world tour on their own. All of the events take place before the age of internet and iphones and the gals will keep track of each other via their itineries. 

Week 1- Austria:   Jayne Good (19) is a fun-loving gal but rather more sensible and level-headed than Gloria. 
 She's just arrived for a wellness week at 'The Abstaining Austrian' only to find herself snowed in and trapped in the hotel.  
With little else to do, she fashions a postcard for Gloria out of an old envelope and decorates it with a paper snowflake using the sewing kit in her room.
  Quite when she's going to beable to leave is anyone's guess...

 Week 2:  Gloria (18) the slightly more 'wayward' of the two gals and has joined a Contiki bus tour in Spain. She has a tough partying schedule ahead of her but is confident she can go the distance,
 this girl is ready to rock...

  I plan to decorate the pages of my folder at some stage but I still haven't decided what to do yet.
Check out the Linkys on Darcy's Blog to catch up with all the players, this is a fun challenge to follow!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

All in good time

enter darling daughter: shriek! Mummy you've cut it, shriek! Mummy you've cut up your art! shriek! oh dear, was I not meant to do that? but... you know those projects you begin that go no further?  well this was one of them.  I started this map canvas ages ago with the intention of scattering the butterflies across a textured background, and then it all ground to a halt.  I lost half the unstuck butterflies and it got buried under a pile of stuff! 
 I figured the canvas would make a nice cover for something or perhaps an ATC or two which is what I ended up doing with it.  I cut them out long enough to fold and sew placing a couple of butterflies on the front and leaving the back plain.
I tucked a bit of muslin and frayed fabric under an offcut of my canvas and sewed around the edges.  I think they've turned out ok and now they can be seen and enjoyed, as for the rest of it, well...