Wednesday, 14 March 2012

swisspaperplus is born

drum roll.... ta da!!
my new Etsy shop! 
 it's only taken me a couple of years 
but I've finally gone and done it 
 I've set up my shop AND put something on the shelves!
 Swiss German paper ephemera
froms cards and envies to stamps, cabinet cards, labels, ribbons and more
loads of it...
 all ready and waiting for your creativity!
pop over and have a look

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Finding your muse

Linda sent this wonderful link to Alisa Burke's blog  last week, 
a free tutorial on 'finding your muse'  
Alisa writes about discovering what inspires you in your own environment 
and using it in your creativity.  
I struggled a bit with this as a lot of the things that inspire me aren't close by,
 but I figured I could start by looking for the colours I love 
and I found them without too much trouble, 
lots of them in fact, not far down the road, I really must learn to walk with my eyes 'open'! 

I decided to use these colours on my pages
 for this month's challenge over at  'The Kathryn Wheel' 
 I'm more than a little late and March is looking a bit plain,
 but at least I have something on my paper!
 I covered my pages in old text, painted and sloshed,
 something I don't seem to have done for ages.
I also added a layer of Neocolour waterbased crayons
 and a spray of  'stream' Adrionack wash which I promptly wiped off as it was very intense,
 I'd like to say a WIP but it's debateable whether I'll actually add anymore to it or not!