Friday, 13 April 2012

Postcard from Iceland

 We're off to Iceland with Darcy's postcard challenge
Oddly enough it was this time two years ago almost to the day,
that my flight home to NZ was cancelled because of the 
ash cloud from Iceland's Mount Eyjafjallajokull 
covering Europe 
 I took this week's inspiration from the many eerie photos
 of the countryside covered in ash 
 I had ideas about missing puzzle pieces and wotnot
but my characters have gone AWOL this week
they're resting just as I am (reclining with large Easter egg filled stomachs)
I'll attempt to rescue them next week, possibly...
I started with a puzzle card which I
 coloured with Neocolour watercolour crayons,
 I added the water and the colour slid off
 as I hadn't Gessoed or sanded the surface!
then I added a layer of Acrylic which held 
then more Neocolour, for the house I used a white Sharpie.  

Friday, 6 April 2012

Postcard from Singapore

Darcy's postcard challenge takes us to Singapore this week. 
 I visited this fab city many years ago
 and it's still my transit stop whenever I manage to get home to NZ   
There's an amazing walk-in butterfly enclosure at the airport
a must see if you're ever passing through!
 I made my card using a butterfly punch
 and an assortment of Asian scrapbooking papers 
 Here's Gloria's card to Jayne, it reads:
I think I've landed in a winged wonderland
full of fanciful flutterers including
The Dot Dash Sergeant, The Chequered Lancer,
 Jacintha Eggfly and Spotted Judy
They could be characters in a book, superb!
p.s has Bagman found his wallet yet?
I'm getting worried
I struggled a bit this week, I had loads of ideas 
but seemed incapable of doing anything with them.
I blame excessive choccie consumption for my woes!
Happy weekend!